My secret book “My tree life”

I will tell u my secret, this is like my diary, so enjoy to read this post

Welcome to my life!!!


Oh, I very confuse to start from what. Certainly, my english is very bad, but I also write in English because I have many caused for lern english. So, i’m sorry! ^_^
Hmm, look!
I don’t know must call what for this book, the truth, this book tell about my life, my hope, my dream, my planning, and all about me!
So I will call this book, “My tree life”. I dont know why I call it that name. But, I veey like tree that can stand up alone without the tree-else. I mean I want to stand up alone without hang to anyone. I know I need others. Instead, we can’t life alone. But, I want to tell that I must stand up in my foot to get what I want. And remember, I have Allah who always in my heart. đŸ™‚


Thats all for my first page, please wait for next page đŸ™‚


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